Tend the Fire

Abstractions are delightful,
but one must also breathe air and eat bread.

Prospect Theory

This was a bunch of lecture notes I made before a quick talk explaining the basics of prospect theory to the Madison Less Wrong meetup. I haven’t even tried to make this readable, yet.

People Are Irrational, and that's OK

My own confusion, clarified

Getting Started With Linux

How to learn to use the thing, for novices

Improving Arguments

Write it down to find unseen flaws.

We probably underestimate the value of improving our arguments, and are overconfident in apparently-solid logical arguments. What can you do to improve a complex argument?

Extra Markdown Commands for Emacs

I spend a lot of my time in emacs. But I’ve only recently really started to fiddle with things in emacs lisp. Here’s some twiddling.